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Sometimes when cruising The Evil Right Wing Boards I find an anonymous person who dispenses some interesting tidbit on Hindu or Indic civilization. It always surprises me! Here are 2 examples:


What we call ‘reality’ is holographic in nature, so we are in fact smaller versions of the whole (which you can call ‘God’, if you want). Every part of the whole contains the whole and, to be more accurate, IS the whole. And just as a drop of water contains the same qualities as an entire ocean of water, we likewise contain all that exists within us – but merely on a smaller scale.

“To see a world in a grain of sand

And a heaven in a wild flower

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour.” – William Blake

Not only did our ancestors know about the holographic nature of ‘reality’, but there is also scientific evidence for the holographic nature of ‘reality’.

“That is whole, this is whole.

From that wholeness, this wholeness comes.

Add the whole to the whole and the whole still remains.

Remove the whole from the whole and the whole still remains.

The whole remains the whole.” – Isha Upanishad

“Know the world is a mirror from head to foot,

In every atom a hundred blazing suns.

If you cleave the heart of one drop of water,

A hundred pure oceans emerge from it.

If you examine closely each grain of sand,

A thousand Adams may be seen in it.

In its members a gnat is like an elephant;

In its qualities a drop of rain is like the Nile.

The heart of a barley-corn equals a hundred harvests,

A world dwells in the heart of a millet seed.

In the wing of a gnat is the ocean of life,

In the pupil of the eye a heaven;

What though the grain of the heart be small,

It is a station for the Lord of both worlds to dwell therein.” – Mahmud Shabstari

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What is Mahakala7777?

Mahakala7777 is this blog. This is a blog for writing things that cannot be written elsewhere. Strange ideas. Things you cant say in public. Things you might not want to look at, because they are a bit disturbing. But sometimes it is good fight that instinct and closely examine that which is repulsive.

Think of this blog as an extended Meditation on the Foul.

Mahakala is an Indic deity. From the Wikipedia Page:

According to Hinduism, Mahakala refers to the ultimate form of Shiva, as he is the destroyer of all elements. There is nothing beyond him, no element, no dimensions, not even time. That is why he is maha (greater) kaal (time). Kaal is also the time of death, so it can also be reference as the bringer of the greatest death, death of all that is. [7]In some parts of Odisha, Jharkhand and Dooars, (that is, in northern Bengal), wild elephants are worshipped as Mahākāla.[8][9][10]

In Hinduism, Mahākāla is the name of Paramashiva or the ultimate form of Godhead, as for example, at the temple in Ujjain, which is mentioned more than once byKālidāsa. The primary temple, place of worship for Mahākāla is Ujjain. Mahakala is also a name of one of Shiva’s principal attendants (Sanskrit: gaṇa), along with Nandi, Shiva’s mount and so is often represented outside the main doorway of early Hindu temples.